Sides of Similar Triangles Worksheets

What is Related Between Sides of Similar Triangles? There are two concepts in geometry that are pretty common and taught in early grades. They are congruency and similarity, and they can be applied to any shape. Congruency means that two shapes should be exactly equal in every aspect that are: shape, size, and structure. Whereas in similarity, only the shape needs to be similar. Both shapes could differ in size or dimensions if they are similar. If we talk about triangles, two similar triangles can assist in solving each other’s dimensions and angles. When we are talking about two similar triangles, each of their sides are similar to each other as well. It's just that they can differ in their measurements. Usually, the sides of similar triangles are a factor of each other, and they differ in a certain ratio. For example, if one triangle has a side of three centimeters, then that very side in the other triangle would be six or nine centimeters. So if we find out that differentiating factor between them, we can solve for the measurements of each side of both the triangles. Also, each angle in two similar triangles is equal to its corresponding angle. So, there is no need for actually finding the value of an angle in either of the triangles if its corresponding angle's value in the other triangle is known.

The Pythagorean Theorem states...

"In a right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the 2 other sides." Other civilizations knew it long before Pythagoras, but he generalized it and made it popular.