Cosine of Points Worksheets

How to Find the Cosine of Points - When dealing with trigonometry, you are manipulating a right-angled triangle in various ways. However, there are different methods to find the cos of any right-angled triangle. One method is to find the cos value by using the law of sines. However, the law of cosines is not limited to right-angled triangles alone. If we start to derive the law of cosine, let us consider the Pythagoras theorem, i.e. a2 +b2 = c2. The theorem is designed for right-angled triangles, but the law of cosines isn’t. So, the Pythagoras theorem changes to a2 + b2- 2ab cos⁡c = c2. The second method of finding the cosine of points is by using the sides of the right-angled triangle. The sides are hypotenuse, the side opposite to hypotenuse, and the side adjacent to the hypotenuse. To find the cosine value of the sides, you just need to divide the Adjacent side with hypotenuse, i.e., cosine = Adjacent/Hypotenuse.

Crazy Times

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