Sine of Points Worksheets

How to Find the Sine of Points - The sine function is an attribute of trigonometry or the right-angled triangle in general. The function is used to find the ratio of all the sides in a right-angled triangle. In other words, if you divide the length of one side by another side, then you can get the answer. In hindsight, to find the sine of points, you can use the law of sines, i.e. a/sin⁡A = b/sin⁡B = c/sin⁡C . However, similar to other trigonometric laws, this one is also used for ordinary triangles. Thus, to find the sine value, you can use the sides of the right-angled triangle as well, i.e., sine = Opposite/Hypotenuse.

What's It Mean?

Commutative property means that the numbers can be added in any order and the answer will remain the same. For instance, 67-32 is the same as (60 + 7) - (30 + 2). The numbers can't be moved from one side of the minus side to the other.