Glide Reflections Worksheets

What Are Glide Reflections? In mathematics, transformation is performed on geometric shapes to alter the form of the shape. These transformations are of four types: resizing, rotations, reflection, and translation. Rotation is the type of transformation that includes rotating or spinning the figure around a fixed point. Resizing includes shrinking, stretching, or dilating the geometric shape. Reflection of geometric shapes is thought of reflecting a shape across the line of reflection. Translation includes sliding or moving the shape along the line to a new location. Glide reflections change the orientation of the shape. If a polygon is traversed counterclockwise, its image will be traversed clockwise and vice versa. Also, glide reflections do not have a fixed point and lines, but it has a fixed axis of reflection. Glide reflections are a unique kind of geometric transformations. It is a combination of two types of geometric translation: reflection and translation. To perform glide reflection, we first slide (translate) the geometric shape and then flip it to achieve the glide reflection. In some cases, moving the pre-image to the image cannot be achieved by a single translation and reflection. Therefore, in such cases, we need a combination of reflection and translation. Some images are obtained by a single reflection; however, others may require two reflections.

  • Basic Lesson

    Guides students through solving Glide Reflections. When a translation (a slide or glide) and a reflection are performed one after the other, a transformation called a glide reflection is produced. When two or more transformations are combined to form a new transformation, the result is called a composition of transformations.

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  • Intermediate Lesson

    Demonstrates the concept of advanced skill while solving Glide Reflections. Write rule for composition of a dilation of scale factor 3 following a translation of 9 units to the left.

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  • Independent Practice 1

    A really great activity for allowing students to understand the concepts of the Glide Reflections. Distance is preserved under a glide reflection.

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  • Independent Practice 2

    Students use Glide Reflections in 20 assorted problems. The answers can be found below.

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  • Homework Worksheet

    Students are provided with 12 problems to achieve the concepts of Glide Reflections.

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  • Skill Quiz

    This tests the students ability to understand Glide Reflections.

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  • Answer Key

    Answers for all lessons and independent practice.

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