Locus at Fixed Distances from a Point Worksheets

What is Meant by Locus at Fixed Distances from a Point? Geometry is surely interesting. But it brings along its set of various terms and definitions that you need to learn, and sometimes it gets a little tricky to understand. But do not worry! Everything is pretty easy if you think that it is, and a question becomes twice more difficult if you think that it is difficult! Now, let us take a look at what locus is. In geometry, a locus is defined as a set of all points, such as curve, surface, line segment, or even a line, whose location satisfies or is determined by one or more specified conditions. The shape that is created by a set of points whose location fulfills a given set of rules is called locus. When talking about locus at a fixed distance from a line, it is a pair of parallel lines that run starting from the distance to the line and are located on either side of the line.

Who is he?

This mathematician is largely responsible for the present day interest in fractual geometry.
Answer: Benoit Mandelbrot.