Midpoint of a Line Segment Worksheets

What is the Midpoint of a Segment? We all know what a line segment is. It is a portion or part of a line that has definite endpoints. That means, a line segment starts at a defined point and ends at a specific point. A line segment is labeled with the alphabets or symbols to represent their two endpoints. The midpoint of a line segment is defined as the average of its two endpoints. And numerically to find the average, we sum up the endpoints and divide them by two. In some cases, we need to locate or find out the point present midway between two endpoints. For example, you might have to bisect the given line segment and divide it into two equal parts. The formula for the midpoint of the line segment works like any other formula used for finding the average. It is typically expressed as: M = ((x1 + x2)/2 , (y1 + y2)/2) Where (x1, y1) and (x2,y2) are the two endpoints.

Time For Dinner

Three men eat out and the check is $30. Each man pays $10. The check was really $25, so a busboy is sent to give the men $5 back. He gives each man $1 and keeps $2 for himself. So now each man has paid $9 & with the busboy's $2, that makes $29, where's the other $1?