Numerical Practice with Big Circles Worksheets

What Types of Jobs Study Circles? One thing that we have heard for all our lives is that mathematics is a very vast and detailed field of study and that every field of work has its implementation to some extent, at least. There are many types of jobs out there that include at least the basic principles of Math. If we talk about the use of shapes and circles particularly, we can say that the two most prominent fields of work that can make use of circles are the field of civil engineering and field of physics. The circle is the most popular shape of all other shapes and the most unique of all too. A circle has no sides or edges, so it can fit in almost every space. Besides, most of the engineering or scientific works involve circular structures, so studying about their characteristics indicates the study of circles themselves.

Archimedes (287-212 BC)

He was a Greek mathematician who discovered the formulae for finding the areas and volume of spheres, cylinders, parabolas and other plane and solid figures. Known for crying "eureka" when he discovered the buoyancy principle.