Parabola Graphs and Equations Worksheets

What Do Equations & Graphs of Parabolas Look Like? Parabola is an important curve in the world of equations and geometric figures. Thus, it's essential that you learn how you can identify the equations and the graphs of the different parabola-type images by observation. The general form of the quadratic equation perfectly determines the parabola curve, i.e., y = ax2 + bx + c. The coefficient "a" determines how fat or skinny the parabola will be. In hindsight, if |a|>1, a = 3 or a = -2, then the parabola will be skinny, since, it can grow quickly. However, if |a| < 1,a = 3/4 or a = -3/4. Moreover, if the value of a is negative, then the parabola will be upside down. Below is an image that tells us how the parabola will look like based on the positive and negative value of a.

What Are Maps After All?

a set of points, lines, and areas all defined both by position with reference to a coordinate system and by their non-spatial attributes. Maps are the world reduced to points, lines, and areas, using a variety of visual resources.
Here is quick mnemonic device to help you remember which axis is X and which is Y in standard orientation:

This is how I remember the axes X and Y: X goes to the sky while Y tries to fly!