Parabola Equations Worksheets

What Are Parabola Equations? There are many geometrical figures which we use in our daily lives, and parabola is one of them. Let’s take an example, suppose, you’re playing soccer. When you kick a ball, it arcs up in the air and comes down. The shape of the trajectory forms a parabola. Now, just like any other curve, parabola has an equation as well. This curve on the other hand has two types of equations, first is the standard form and the second is the vertex form. Let us discuss these both forms in detail. The standard form of equation as the name suggests is the standardized form, expressed by y = ax2 + bx + c. If a > 0, then the parabola opens from the upper side and if a < 0, then the parabola opens from the downside. The standardized equation opens up at origin, which means that the value of its vertex is (0, 0). The vertex form of an equation is expressed by y = a(x-h)2 + k. The vertex of this parabola lies at point (h, k), while the condition for a remains the same as the standard one.

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