Point Symmetry Worksheets

What is Point Symmetry? One of the most fun and interesting topics in math is Geometry! Different shapes and shapes and heir definition are really fun to study! Even though there are many things that you studied in Geometry, there are many definitions that might be new to you! But here is some good news, they are equally fun and interesting to study! So, do you know what point symmetry is? Don't worry, we can tell you! Let's take a look! When every part of an object has a matching part residing at the same distance from the center point of the object, but in the opposite direction, the property is known as point symmetry. When these points are viewed from opposite directions or at 180 degree rotation, they look exactly the same! Point symmetry is sometimes also referred to as Origin Symmetry since the central point, or the origin is through which the entire shape is symmetrical. Here is an example! You have seen cards, right! They have point symmetry because they look the same when viewed from the top or the bottom.


What T-word is defined in geometry as "a straight line that touches a curve but continues on with crossing it"?
Answer: Tangent.