Polynomial Denominators Worksheets

What Are Polynomial Denominators? In a normal division sum, the dividend is the number that becomes the numerator of a fraction, whereas the divisor becomes the denominator. In algebra, these numerators and denominators are not just numbers but also can be values including a number which is called a constant or a coefficient, a variable, and an exponent. Moreover, these numerators and denominators cannot just be some values but also can be whole expressions called polynomials. A denominator having a polynomial as its value can be called as a polynomial denominator. Equations having polynomial denominators can be a bit difficult to solve as we have to simplify or factorize the denominator first. Once we are done with the simplification or the factorization process, the rest is simple and can be done through the conventional methods of division. So, whether we have numeric denominators or polynomial denominators, the process of division remains the same.

What Do They Do?

Scatter plots use horizontal and vertical axes to plot data points. They show how one variable is affected by another: their correlation. The closer the data points come to making a straight line, the higher the correlation between the variables.