Rationalize Denominators Worksheets

How to Rationalize Geometric Denominators - The concept of rationalizing denominators is important to understand. Since it is unconventional to have a radical in a denominator. If that happens, even the calculator removes the radical. The answer is still correct, but it is not in the simplest of forms; thus, can cause your marks. Moreover, it becomes simpler to solve further equations if we are given a lengthy problem. Now, let us take an example. For instance, you are given 1/√2 and you have to rationalize the denominator. The first step is to multiply both top and bottom with the root value. In this scenario, the answer is: 1/√2 × √2/√2. √2/2 However, if you have a radical expression in the denominator, you need to take the conjugate of that expression. Let’s take another example, i.e. 1/(√x+3). 1/(√x + 3) × (√x - 3)/ (√ x- 3) (√x + 3) / (√x + 3 × √x - 3) √(x - 3)/(x - 9)

The Point of the Decimal Point!

The math teacher had written 11.4 on the board and had then erased the decimal point to show the effect of multiplying this number by ten. "Lily," the teacher asked, "where is the decimal point now?" Lily replied, "On the eraser!"