Using Proportions to Determine Length Worksheets

How to Use a Figures Proportions to Determine Length - Proportions in different figures and shapes are often used to calculate the missing parts of the dimensions of those figures. For example, in a certain shape, if a part of the length of a certain dimension is given, we can easily calculate the length of the remaining part of that dimension if we calculate the scale factor. A scale factor is a ratio in which proportions in a certain dimension are made. For example, if a length of ten centimeters is broken in five equal proportions then, of course, the length of the single proportion would be two centimeters. But how did we calculate that? It is simple, by calculating the ratio in which those proportions were divided. That ratio is called a scale factor. If we know that a dimension is divided into four equal sections and one section measure three centimeters, then we can easily determine the length of the whole dimension, that would be twelve centimeters in this case.

The Power of Triangles

Tom had a 5 ft. pole that he needed to take on the bus, but the driver had a rule denying any packages longer than 4 ft. He can't return it & he needs to get home. How does he do it? He finds a box 4 ft x 3 ft and fits it in diagonally. Pythagoras!