Solve For The Unknown Worksheets

How to Solve for The Unknown in Problems - Do math problems still bother you? Especially word problems? Do you find that word problems are tough to solve, especially when it comes to solving them? And the toughest part is when you have to translate the English word into Math! What a bother! But don’t worry! We have a very simple way to help you solve problems efficiently and without a hassle! The first thing that you need to do is to read the problem entirely and thoroughly. Make sure that you read the problem throughout. Tip: Do not start solving before you have read the problem completely since it causes confusion. Once you are done reading, start arranging the problem, look for the things that have been given to you. Next, look for the things that you need to find or are unknown and give them a variable. Now, look for the operation that needs to be used for solving the question. Now, all you need to do is solve the question, and you will have your answer!

Joseph-Louis Lagrange

As long as algebra and geometry have been separated, their progress have been slow and their uses limited; but when these two sciences have been united, they have lent each mutual forces, and have marched together towards perfection.