Triangle Worksheets

Common Triangle Vocabulary That You Should Know - A triangle, like every other shape, involves many factors in its different types of calculations. For starters, the most common vocabulary associated with a triangle are sides, vertices, and angles. Sides of a shape are those line which connects with each other to form that shape. Vertices are the corners formed due to the connection of those sides and angles are the degree measures between every two sides. A triangle has three sides, three vertices and three internal angles. If we dig deeper into this concept, terms like perpendicular, base, hypotenuse, angle bisector, median, altitude, etc. can be studied. Perpendicular, base, and hypotenuse are terms associated with a right triangle. Perpendicular is a line that makes an angle of 90 degrees with another line; the base is a side adjacent to perpendicular and the hypotenuse stretches opposite to the 90 degrees angle subtended within a right triangle. An angle bisector is that line that breaks an angle into half; the median is that line in a triangle that cuts the line into half upon which it falls, and altitude is simply the height of a triangle.

Geometry Quote That Make Sense

“Inspiration is needed in geometry, just as much as in poetry.”-- Aleksandr Pushkin