Area of a Circle Worksheets

How to Find the Area of a Circle? Geometrical shapes are fun to play with. You learn a great deal about shapes when you get a grip over geometry. However, it is also important to know the area, perimeter, and other measures of any shape that is included in geometry. When it comes to circle, there are a few basics that you need to understand about it. The distance around or covering the circle is called its circumference. The distance across the circle is called the diameter of the circle, while its half distance is called its radius. The circumference of the circle is represented with a Greek letter known as pi (π). In order to find the are of a circle, we follow a simple but comprehensive formula derived from the measures of the circle. The area can be calculated by multiplying the value of pi with the square of the radius of the circle. A = π r2

Clatter Click

There is a reason why train wheels clatter on the tracks. The wheels of a train are circles. The area of a circle is equal to π , so train wheels are squares that clatter on the tracks.