Area of Irregular Shapes Worksheets

How to Find the Area of Irregular Shapes - Finding the area of regular shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle, trapezium, and others is simple. You use the standard formulae to calculate the areas. However, the real struggle is to find the area of irregular shapes. If you want to find the area of irregular shapes, the trick is to divide it into different regular shapes using imaginary or dotted lines. When you begin dividing it, you will be able to identify the regular shapes in it. You can then use the formulae to calculate the area of each of the regular shape. Add all the areas and the final answer you get is the area of the irregular shape in question. You can use this basic example of a window with a crest to understand how you can do it. When you closely look at this shape, you can see it is made of two shapes. There is a semicircle on top with a diameter of 4 units and then there is a square with each side equal to 4 units. Apply the formula of area of semicircle first; Area of semicircle=1/2 × π × r2 Apply the formula of area of square; Area of square=l×b Now, you can add these two to find the area of the irregular shape.

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