Inverse Functions- Calculator Worksheets

How to Calculate Inverse Functions with a Calculator It easy to calculate and process functions in the calculator; however, finding the answers to inverse values of those functions can still be a bit tricky even with a calculator. For many functions, we can still find the inverse values after pressing the shift button and then using those functions. For example, all the trigonometric functions have an inverse value when they are used after pressing the shift button. Similarly, for all the log functions, we can just use them after pressing the shift button to get their inverse values. But for those functions that do not provide the facility of using them after pressing the shift button, we can calculate their inverse values by simply finding their multiplicative reciprocals in the calculator. We can find their multiplicative reciprocals by simply dividing their final values from one and multiplying them with a negative one. This way, we can easily get their inverse.

What is It?

pi - π - the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter. If you take the circumference of any circle and divide by its diameter, you will always get the answer 3.14159... an irrational number.