Using a Calculator (sin, cos, tan) Worksheets

Using a Calculator to Find the Trig Values: sin, cos, and tan? Calculators can be a big help if you are solving complex mathematical calculations. However, we cannot forget that calculator is only a tool and its there to make our job easier. Thus, it will not help us to learn the basic principles of trigonometry. However, you should keep a prerequisite step in mind before you start solving trigonometric equations. The mode of the angle should be in degrees or radians, depending on the type of angle in your question. Now, let’s look at the steps which ca help you solve the trigonometric values. Let's assume you have a question cos⁡ 30/sin 45 . First, we check the form angle measurement. Since, both are in degree form, we can move further. The next step is to check the value of cos 30. You can just push the cos button, type 45 and then press the equal button. The result you will get is √3/2. Now, you can find the value of sin45. You can just push the sin button, type 30 and then press the equal button. The result you will get 1/2. The final step is to divide both answers, (√3/2)/(1/2). The result is √3. The calculator is especially helpful when you have angles in decimal form.

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