Similar and Congruent Figures Worksheets

What is the Difference Between Similar & Congruent Figures? There is a concept in mathematics known as similarity and congruence. It is usually taught to the students who are learning shapes. This is a concept pertaining to shapes. Two shapes can be either similar or congruent. Similarity means that two shapes must have the same shapes. In similarity, only shapes need to be the same. Other than that, their size can differ as well as their symmetrical positions. Whereas while talking about congruency, the size, shape, and symmetrical positions, all three of them must be exactly the same between both the figures. If any of these three said things are even slightly different, then the two compared shapes won’t be called congruent. The concept of similarity and congruency helps a lot in solving complicated geometrical sums that involve calculations of angles, which cannot be easily calculated. In such sums, the value of angles are pretty difficult to calculate, so we determine their values by comparing them with the same angle of another congruent shape.

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Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) German painter, engraver and mathematician. Durer is conventionally regarded as the greatest artist of the Renaissance in Northern Europe.