Lines and Planes Worksheets

What is the Difference Between Lines and Planes? A point, which is the starting point of a line segment, is a location in geometry. The point is just a simple dot anywhere on the piece of paper. It has no size, no width, and no length. A line, on the other hand, starts with this dot and extends infinitely in two directions. The line has only one dimension, and the points that lie on the same line are called collinear points. A line segment is denoted by two points, say AB. Two lines that meet at a single point are called intersecting lines. On the other hand, a plane extends infinitely in two dimensions. The plane has no thickness, and a typical example of a plane is a coordinate plane. It is named by three points on a plane that do not lie on the same line. The points can be scattered. For example, ABC.

  • Basic Lesson

    Guides students through the process of identifying perpendicular planes/lines. Which line is perpendicular to plane l? Here we have a figure that is showing Line AB and line CD are parallel to plane l and line AB and line CD are intersecting. If a line t is perpendicular to each of two intersecting lines at their point of intersection, then the line t is perpendicular to the plane l.

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  • Intermediate Lesson

    Demonstrates how to visualize planes and lines for various vantage points and perspectives. Which line is perpendicular to plane l? The given figure is showing two planes l and q. If a plane is perpendicular to the other plane, then every line in the plane is perpendicular to the given plane. So, line AB is perpendicular to plane l.

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  • Independent Practice 1

    A really great activity for allowing students to understand the concept of Lines and Planes. In this rectangular sided box, which sides lie in the same plane as FEDC?

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  • Independent Practice 2

    Students tackle the concept of Lines and Planes in assorted problems. The answers can be found below.

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  • Homework Worksheet

    Students are provided with problems to achieve the concepts of Lines and Planes.

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  • Skill Quiz

    This tests the students ability to evaluate Lines and Planes problems.

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  • Answer Key

    Answers for the homework and quiz.

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  • Answer Key Part 2

    Answers for lessons and both practice sheets.

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Fast Food Geometry

What shape do you find waiting for you at Taco Bell at dinnertime?

A line! Get it?