Surface Area and Volume of Rectangular Solids and Cylinders Worksheets

How to Find the Surface Area & Volume of Rectangular Solids? There are two categories of shapes and these are two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. All shapes that have a length and a width are two-dimensional, while the ones that have a length, width, and a height are three-dimensional shapes. Rectangular solids are a form of three-dimensional shapes with six sides. All sides of rectangular solid are rectangles. We know that to find the area of a rectangle we have to find the product of the shape's length and breadth. So, how do we find the total surface area of a rectangular solid? Well, it is simple. All you need is the length and breadth of every side of the rectangular. Once you have identified the dimensions, find the area of all six sides and add the areas. it will give you the total surface area. We can say; Surface area of rectangular solid = sum of areas of the sides. To find the volume, you need to multiple length, breadth, and height of the shape. Volume=L × B × H.

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