Surface Area and Volume of a Cube Worksheets

So, How Do You Determine the Surface Area and Volume of a Cube? When it comes to shapes, there are two categories. The first category consists of two-dimensional or 2D shapes and the second category comprises of three-dimensional or 3D shapes. Square, circle, rectangles, triangles, trapezium are all examples of 2D shapes. When talking about 3D shapes, the square turns into a cube, a circle into a sphere, a rectangle into a cuboid, and a triangle into a prism. So, how do we find the surface area and volume of a cube? Cubes are the easiest to work with, why? Because they have equal dimensions. To find the surface area; all you need to do is, find the area of one side and multiple it by 6. Surface area = 6 × 2l. When it comes to volume, you have to multiply the length three times and you will get your answer. Volume = 3l.


Question: Why did the cube cross the road to the third dimension?

Answer: The second dimension was too square.