Symmetry Worksheets

What is Symmetry? Like many other definitions that are present in math, here is another one! Do you know what symmetry means? That is quite alright, we will tell you! Symmetry is present in many areas of math. It is originated from a Greek word that means "to measure together." Symmetry is most commonly applied when we are studying geometry. Now, let us take a look at what it is! In simple words, the property of an object to be similar when it is divided into two is known as symmetry. When one shape becomes exactly like the other, when changed in some way, slid, turned or flipped, the property is known as symmetry. Objects can only be symmetrical if the object when they have the same shape and size. For example, if you were to divide your face in half, the two halves would be perfectly symmetrical. However, not all objects have symmetry. When an object is not symmetrical, it is known as asymmetric.

Clock Trick and Geometric Fun Fact

Write the letters of the English alphabet, in capitals, clockwise around a circle, and cross-out the letters that have right-left symmetry, A, H,I, M, etc. The letters that remain group themselves in sets of 3, 1, 4, 6"

A circle is divided into 360 degrees. But, did you know that a golf ball has 360 dimples? Coincidence? Maybe not!