Pie Graph Worksheets

What Are Pie Graphs? The pie graph or pie chart is a special chart that uses slices to depict relative sizes of data. The chart is divided into different sectors, which determines the size of different values. The value of the entire pie is 100 percent. Now let's take an example. The following chart shows the water usage in our homes.

How Much Water Pie Chart

Now, if we add the values of percentages, the value we will get is 100. This is probably the most used chart by organizations, given that it is easier to understand, and it shows us an exact percentage of data available in our sample space.

Parts and Wholes

A circle/pie graph can be used to compare the relationship of the parts to the whole. pie graphs present data as percents or fractions of a total. The total must be 100% or 1. A pie graph is divided into sectors made by a central angle.