Truth Tables for Disjunctions (Inclusive) Worksheets

What Are the Trends of Truth Tables for Disjunctions (Inclusive)? We studied in detail regarding the trends of truth tables and the exclusive disjunction within them. However, the next part of the disjunction is the inclusive one. The inclusive disjunction is quite easier from its counterpart since it provides more leniency to the problem. In other words, for inclusive disjunctions, you have the choice of a minimum of four options even with two operands. For instance, if you have a choice of A and B, then you can choose either of them, both of them, or neither of them. Let us take a real-world example. If you study well, then you can get good grades; otherwise, you will not. Now, in this scenario, you have the choice of studying well and getting good grades. However, if you do not want to study, then you may still pass.

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