Addition of Matrices Worksheets

How Do You Add Matrices? Operations on matrices are one of the easiest concepts you'll learn in mathematics. However, similar to other core concepts, the calculation needs to be precise, where there is no margin for error. Now, if you want to add two matrices, the method is quite conventional, without any prerequisite conditions. In other words, you can just add the first element of the first matrix with the first element of the second and move on to the rest of them. Let us consider adding the following two matrices.

2x2 Addition Matrices

Let us take another example, where we have two 3 x 3 matrices:
3x3 Addition Matrices

Where Did "Calculate" Come From?

The term "calculate" originates form the Greek word kalyz, which means pebble or small stone. So, why is this the basis for our advanced math concepts? Simple: a long time ago, the Greeks used small stones to do simple calculations. Every math whiz knows -- you gotta start somewhere!