Multiplication of Matrices Worksheets

How to Multiply Matrices - A matrix is a method of writing numbers, expressions, symbols, or a variety of other elements in square or rectangular arrays. These arrays consist of various rows and columns. While writing the structure of a matrix, it is important to write the number of rows first and then the number of columns. The standard format of writing the construct of a matrix is [Rows x Columns]. Usually, we deal with 2 by 2 or 3 by 3 matrices. 2 by 2 means 2 row and 2 columns. Similarly, 3 by 3 means 3 rows and 3 columns. Matrices can also be multiplied or divided by each other. While multiplying two matrices, the first thing that must be kept in mind is the number of elements in rows and columns must be equal. Two matrices can be multiplied with each other only if the number of elements in the rows of the first matrice is equal to the number of elements in the columns of the second. The multiplication is carried out between two matrices in a way that the elements of the first row of the first matrix get multiplied by the elements of the first column of the second matrices. Then the first row by the second column, then third until the last column approaches. The same process is repeated for all the rows to come.

What "puzzle" appeared on the "Father of Algebra's" tombstone?

Answer: The puzzle told us the length of Diophantus' life (84 years). Let the length of his life be called x.
1/6 x + 1/12 x + 1/7 x + 5 + 1/2 x + 4 = x