Multiply a Matrix by a Number Worksheets

How to Multiply a Matrix by a Number - Matrix multiplication can be a difficult process to master. However, multiplying matrices by a number of any other element can be a pretty easy thing to do. Unlike matrix multiplication, while multiplying an external number with the internal elements of a matrices, you just have to simply multiply the external number with each of the individual internal elements of the matrix. For example, if a 2 x 2 matrix has 1,2,3, and 4 as its elements and you want to multiply the number 5 by all its internal elements, then the process is simple. You just have to multiply the number 5 by every internal element of that matrix individually. 1 will become 5, 2 will become 10, 3 will become 15, and 4 will become 20 in this case.

Fruits Operations

A teacher was trying to impress her students with the fact that terms cannot be subtracted from one another unless they are like terms. "For example," she continued, "we cannot take five apples from six bananas." "Well," countered a pupil, "can't we take five apples from three trees?"