Adding and Subtracting Measurements Worksheets

How to Add and Subtract Measurements with Fractions - The operations of addition and subtraction are already perceived as a bit difficult thing to do by the students rather than adding or subtracting simple whole numbers. Those measurements that are in fractional form can be a bit difficult to add or subtract, but only during the initial few attempts. Once you start practicing them and develop a habit of solving sums and differences like these, they can become really easy for you. For example, 1/2 meters can be simply added to or subtracted by 4/2 meters, and we can obtain an answer of 5/2 in case of addition and 3/2 in case of subtraction. After we obtain the answer to it, we can simply write it in fractional form and place its unit after the fractional value as we do it in whole number form. The same method is applied in case of all physical quantities and their different units, as well.

Can You Measure Up?

A man needs to measure exactly one cup of water but only has a 5-cup measure and a 3-cup measure. Will he be able to get his one-cup? He needs to fill the smaller cup and fill the larger, then do it again. There will be one cup left in his container.

Two boys wanted to cross the pond. One waded in and the other heard a splash. He yelled "How deep?" The answer was "knee-deep," so he tried it & fell in over his head. "Why did you say knee deep?" "I didn't!" "Then who did?" Then they saw the frog laughing.