Adding English Unit of Measure Worksheets

How to Add English Measurements - There is no distinct way of adding English measurements. The addition and subtraction done with the English measurements are pretty much in the same way as addition and subtraction are done with other regional measurement systems. However, to express English measurement in American measurements, the conversions are necessary, and that’s where comes the scale factor. A scale factor is a factor by which two different regional measurements of the same physical quantity differ with each other. While adding two English measurements, one thing that must be taken care of is that both the measurements that are being added are from the English measurement system. For example, a foot can only be added to a foot, or a pound can only be added to a pound. You cannot add a pound to a kilogram as it will violate the laws of the measurement system.

Measuring Something...

What are we doing when we measure something? We are comparing a quantity to a defined initial quantity referred to as a unit. We compare to see how many units our quantity contains. The units are usually a part of a standard set.