Subtracting English Measurement Worksheets

How to Subtract English Units of Measurement - English units are a measurement system that is used in England. Ounce, gallons, feet, yard, miles, and tons are some of the units that we use in this system. Whether you want to add, subtract, or multiply these units you have to ensure that every value has the same unit. Without doing so, you cannot subtract two values. Conversion is an important concept whenever we are subtracting two values with different units of measurements. When you are converting a larger unit to smaller unit, you need to multiply and divide when you are moving from a smaller unit to a larger unit.

Cookie Weight

An angry mother stormed into the bakery and said "I sent my son in for 2 lbs. of cookies this morning, but when I weighed them, there was only one pound. I demand you check your scales!" The baker simply suggested that she weigh her son, instead.