Adding Metric Length, Mass, and Capacity Worksheets

How to Add Units of Metric Length, Mass, and Capacity - Adding values of length, mass, and capacity in metric system is easy. We know that in a metric system we use meter (m), centimeter (cm), kilometer (km), millimeter (mm), and many others. When adding the values of length, you must ensure that the two values have the same unit. You cannot add 10 cm and 11 mm together, if you do that it will be 10.11 cm. or 111 mm. You have to convert the units and add only when the units are same. The same is the case with mass and capacity. Values cannot be added unless they have the same units.

The Big Race...

Fran is getting ready for a race next week. Her usual stride is 31.5 inches and she is running 7.5 miles. How many strides will she use in the race? 15. 092. Change the miles to inches, 12 " x 5280 feet = 63, 360" per mile x 7.5 divided by 31.5.