Picture Based Measurement Worksheets

How to Measure with Pictures? Here, we have to find the actual length (AL) of each object! Let's look at an example to understand it. Q: The scale for the picture of leave is 1:0.2, and the length of the image is 50 cm. What will be its actual length (AL)? The equation (1) will be: Ratio = image/actual part of the object --> (1) Here, we will put the picture on top and place the actual part of the object at the bottom. And, we will keep the ratio value on the L.H.S. So, the values are: The value of the Ratio is 1:0.2 or 1/0.2. Image is only one. Length of the image is equal to 50 cm. AL that is the actual length of the object, you have to find. Now, you will put all the values mentioned above in eq. (1) then, it will be: 1/0.2 (ratio) = 50 cm(image) / AL = 1 x 50 / 0.2 x 50 = 50 cm / 10 cm. The actual length of the image (AL) = 10 cm Answer! Here, we multiplied both sides by 50.

The Tape Measure...

Two guys are trying to measure a pole with a tape measure. A woman asks them what they are doing & when she sees their dilemma, she pulls the pole out of the ground and measures it. The guys say, "Hey, we didn't need the length, we needed the height!"