Reading Rulers Worksheets

How to Read a Ruler - While using any measuring instrument, the most basic aspect to consider is being able to accurately read its values and get a proper reading out of it while measuring something. But before learning how to read the units on a measuring instrument and getting an accurate reading out of it, we first need to observe the units mentioned on a ruler and try to comprehend that till what accuracy level the ruler can get us a measurement. A common ruler can give us a measurement accurate down to a centimeter or an inch. In most cases, a ruler also has tiny ten equal divisions between two readings on the centimeter side. These divisions represent a millimeter. So, such a ruler can also read as accurately as a millimeter. Getting a reading on a ruler is simple; you just put the ruler along a line, and starting from the reading zero, you start counting the divisions and stop where the line is ending. Till then, whatever the ruler has measured, that is your final reading and answer.

Why Do We Use Rulers?

The main purpose of using a ruler is to measure small lengths. Students can also use it to draw lines in their notebooks of specific lengths. A ruler usually has centimeter and inch readings marked on it. A ruler can accurately measure a length down to a centimeter or an inch. For calculations that are minor and involve smaller units, a ruler might not be the right measuring instrument as it can only measure accurate to a centimeter or an inch and might give erroneous answers under such circumstances. The biggest use of rulers is in the work of construction and design. During such a work, a worker might need to measure small lengths of the structure that they are designing. A ruler might help in measuring those smaller lengths to the required level of accuracy. A ruler can be of different lengths. Usually, we have a foot-long ruler, but its length can vary from a foot to a meter.

Poor InchWorm....

What will happen to the inchworm when the U.S. finally goes metric?

He'll have to become a centipede!

Where can you buy a ruler that is three feet long? At a yard sale.