Triple Times Double Digit Multiplication Worksheets

How to Multiply Double- and Triple-Digit Numbers - Multiplication involves two types of numbers, namely, the multiplicand and the multiplier. The multiplicand is the number that gets multiplied, and the multiplier is the number that you are multiplying with. Double-digit-and triple-digit multiplication is similar to single-digit multiplication and means single digit multiplication done more than once. We start the multiplication by multiplying the number present in the ones place and moving on to multiplying the numbers present in the tens place. Here are the steps that will help you perform double-digit-and triple-digit multiplication quickly. First, we will correctly write the sum. We will place the multiplier at the bottom and write the multiplicand at the top. Once the problem is written, we will start multiplying the ones digit of the multiplier by the ones digit of the multiplicand. Next, we will move to multiply the digits written in the tens place. Multiply the tens place of the multiplier with the tens place of the multiplicand. But remember to write a 0 before starting the to multiply the tens place. We will continue the same multiplication with the hundreds place of the multiplicand.

The numeral two said to the numeral four...

"I'm worried about number eight, he's really bad news and he is always in trouble." Numeral four sighed and said, " I know, but what do you expect? He is the product of our times."