Missing Digit Multiplication Worksheets

How to Find Missing Multiplicands in Multiplication Equations - During early student life, we often get sums that involve situations in which two numbers are being multiplied by each other to produce an answer. But in many scenarios, the answer is already given in the sum. In such situations, we have to calculate one of the two multiplicands. The two numbers that are being multiplied by each other are known as multiplicands. The concept of multiplication and division tells us that both of these two operations are reciprocal of each other. If we are missing one of the two multiplicands, then the division is the answer. There is no need to worry; the missing multiplicand can be easily found by division. How? Let us see. The answer can be divided by one of the multiplicands to obtain the missing multiplicands.

High Fives and a Trick!

To multiply 5 times an even number: just divide the number you are multiplying by in half and place a zero after the number. Example: 5 x 8, half of 8 is 4; add a zero for an answer of 40.

The Trick: Pick a number between 1 & 9, multiply that number by nine and write that number under the "magic multiplier" number 12345679 (1-9, except for 8).Now multiply the magic number by the number chosen & see what has happened.