Multiplication as Repeated Addition Worksheets

How Can Multiplication Be Viewed as Repeated Addition - What exactly is multiplication? The answer is simple to that question. Multiplication is simple addition repeated for the required number of times. For example, two times five is ten. How did we achieve that? It is pretty simple; we added two to itself five times. Multiplication is basically all about adding in the first place. We keep on adding a number to itself for a specific number of times to obtain the final answer. To obtain the answer of two numbers being multiplied by each other, we can also count as we do in sums of addition. That is, of course, one easy way of doing multiplication. On the contrary, there is another proper method of multiplication as well. That method is separate and different from this method involving repeated addition.

Your Hands...

Use your hands to multiply by 9. Put your hands out, thumbs facing. Your left pinky is "1" and so on. To multiply by 9, put the finger down that represents the multiplier. The fingers to the left of that finger are the tens and the ones to the right are the ones.