Quick Multiplication Worksheets

How to Learn to Perform Multiplication Quickly - Multiplication, just like division, can take time when you perform to solve its sums. At first, an individual performing multiplications can take a lot of time to solve it. Especially, that is the case when someone attempts to solve multiplication sums that involve more than two-digit numbers. Multiplication involving three or four-digit numbers can surely be a very lengthy process. During the initial few attempts can surely take a lot of time. But as they say, 'practice makes a man perfect', so the speed can be achieved through constant practice. However, there are other methods involving mental math as well through which multiplication sums can be done easily and quickly. To perform multiplication quickly in your brain, you must break a number into its place values and then try multiplying those fragments with each other. This way, you will see that the time taken by you to perform those sums will be reduced. After multiplying those fragments with each other, you can just add their answers to get the final answer.

Try this multiplication challenge on your friends:

Pick a 2-digit number. Multiply the digits together. Keep multiplying until you get a single digit answer. What is the only 2-digit number that requires more than 3 multiplications? The answer is 77