Single Digit Multiplication Worksheets

How to Perform Single Digit Multiplication - Single-digit multiplication can be a pretty simple task to do. It can be a bit difficult than single-digit addition or subtraction, but still, it is pretty easy to solve and can be solved relatively quickly. Single-digit multiplication is totally based upon how well we can add two numbers. It depends upon quick addition techniques. Basically, the main idea behind single-digit multiplication is repetitive addition. For example, if we are asked to multiply three by four, then basically, what we need to do is add three to itself four times. This is how single-digit multiplication is done. While obtaining the answer to three times four, the only thing that we need to consider is adding three to itself four times, and that is it. We will get the answer to our problem. Adding three to itself four times will give us an answer of twelve.

How to Multiply Single and Double Digit Numbers

Multiplying two single-digit numbers can be a pretty simple task to perform. However, multiplying a single-digit number by a double-digit number can be a situation when things are taken up a notch on the level of difficulty. But still, it is also not that difficult of a task to do. While multiplying a double-digit number by a single-digit number, we just have to write them in a row, one below the other. Usually, we write the double-digit number above the single-digit number. After we write it in this manner, we simply multiply the single-digit number with both the digits of the double-digit number and write the answers below. Then we add the answers below in columns to obtain the final answer. Two double-digit numbers are multiplied in the same manner.

How Do I Remember?

Mnemonics are devices we use to remember facts or even multiplication tables. Here are a few rhymes to help remind us of some multiplication quotients:

Five, six, seven, eight 56 is 7 x 8
five, five, jump & jive 5 x 5 is 25

To multiply two "teens" quickly, here is an easy trick:
Set the equation up mentally, larger number on top, let's use 17x15
Take a footprint & cover the 17 & the 5
Add them together & multiply by 10 to get 220
Multiply the 5 by the 7 = 35.
Add 220 + 35 = 255.