Single and Double Digit Multiplication Worksheets

How to Multiply Single and Double Digit Numbers - Multiplying two single-digit numbers can be a pretty simple task to perform. However, multiplying a single-digit number by a double-digit number can be a situation when things are taken up a notch on the level of difficulty. But still, it is also not that difficult of a task to do. While multiplying a double-digit number by a single-digit number, we just have to write them in a row, one below the other. Usually, we write the double-digit number above the single-digit number. After we write it in this manner, we simply multiply the single-digit number with both the digits of the double-digit number and write the answers below. Then we add the answers below in columns to obtain the final answer. Two double-digit numbers are multiplied in the same manner.

Here's an easy way to square a two-digit number ending in 5...

Take the digit in the tens place and add "1"
Multiply the original "tens" number by the new number
Take the result and put it in front of a "25"
65 squared = (6+1) x6=42 & then 4225!