Triple Times Triple Digit Multiplication Worksheets

How to Perform Triple Digit Multiplication - Triple-digit multiplication is the task where the actual challenge begins. Difficult levels enter a whole new level when you are attempting to multiply two triple-digit numbers. It is not even about the difficulty level, but the time taken to solve such sums when you are attempting them for the first time. Later on, they can be made easy via constant practice, but during the initial few attempts, they can seem a bit difficult and time taking. While performing triple-digit multiplication, the initial steps for the process are the same. First, you write both the numbers in rows, one underneath the other. Then you multiply each digit of the number from the lower row with each digit of the number in the upper row. After obtaining all the answers, you just add them to obtain the final answer.

What's This?

Take the one-digit number you are multiplying by nine and insert a zero to its right.
Then subtract the original number from it.
For example: if the problem is 9 x 6,
insert a zero to the right of the six,
then subtract six:
9 x 6 = 60 - 6 = 54