Multiplication Tables Worksheets

What Are Times Tables? A times table is largely associated with multiplication. It is the multiplication calculations for all the numbers starting from 1 x 2 to 12 x 10. Children can begin to master the art of time table by learning the 2x, 5x, and 10x tables. It is a list of multiples of a particular number. For instance, if you want to work out the times-table for 2, you will be required to start with 2 and then keep adding 2 in each step as you move along the table. The answers you will get in every step will be a multiple of 2 and known as multiplication fact. Take a look at the following times tables illustrated below:
Times Table of 2s:
There is more than one way of working out the times-table. You can try out different methods of doing it. Another way to work it out is given below.
Multiplication of 5s

How to Use Multiplication Tables

Math is a very tricky subject, isn't it? There are so many numbers, so many questions, and so many variables that need close attention for you to solve! What a hassle! But that is not all there is to mathematics! Sometimes, actually more than just a few times, math is a really cool subject that can help sharpen your memory skills, help you solve questions really quickly, and make your problem skills very strong! For example, do you know what multiplication tables are? That’s alright! Let us take a look together! In mathematics, when we are studying algebraic systems, we learn multiplication tables of different numbers. These tables are like a short way of remembering what number is the answer when two numbers are multiplied. Let us say if we multiply 2 by 4, we know the answer is 8, because we already know the multiplication table of 2! There are multiplication tables for every number, and it is essential that you learn the tables of important numbers so that when you are performing multiplication, you know what the answer would be and can easily solve the problem! Training your memory for learning these tables will help you a lot when you solve multiplication questions, and it is not difficult! All it takes is hardly 5 minutes, and you can easily remember the numbers.

Here is a breakdown of how multiplication works:

To multiply 64 by 49, first we break down the multipliers into 60+4 and 40 + 9
Then we add all the products of 60 & 40, 60 & 9, 40 & 4 and 4 & 9
2400 + 540 + 160 + 36 = 3136