Visual Multiplication Worksheets

What is Visual Multiplication? Oh math! What a tricky and confusing subject! Isn't that right? Whenever someone hears the name math, they start getting nervous and immediately think that there is nothing than harder than the subject itself. All the names, definitions, operations, all of these are so hard to do, isn’t that correct? Well, in math, there are oodles of easy stuff to do as well. For example, are you aware of multiplication? More importantly, do you know what visual multiplication is? Let's start with one thing at a time! First, let's see what multiplication is. Multiplication is one of the four basic operations in mathematics. The process of carrying out multiplication is through taking out the sum of two numbers. Multiplication is a shorthand way of carrying out the addition of many numbers. Now, do you know what visual multiplication is? Let us take a look! The name visual means to see. So visual multiplication is the multiplication of numbers that are represented through pictures or images.

What kind of desks do they have in the mathematics lab?

They have no desks, only times tables.