Compare and Order Decimals, Percents, and Fractions Worksheets

How to Compare and Order Decimals, Percentages, and Fractions - When Ordering decimals the first and most significant activity is line the numbers up by their decimals, on the off chance that there is certainly not a decimal recall, the decimal is consistent to one side of the pace of the one regardless of whether we don't compose it. When looking at and requesting numbers in various structures, it is ideal for getting them all in a similar structure and afterward thinking about or requesting them. The most effortless technique to utilize is decimals. Transform all parts into decimals by separating the numerator by the denominator. Transform all percentage into decimals by partitioning by 100 Presently line all the decimals up by their decimals and start contrasting from left with right. Bearings on doing this are found straightaway.

Doll Money!

Sal sells dolls for $100 each. She sold 200 last year to earn $3,000. Now she charges 15% more, but sells 30% less. Does her profit increase or decrease? Her cost is $85 per doll, new price $115, increases profit from $15 to 30, selling 140 instead of 200, she makes $4,200, a 40% increase.