Calculate Decimal Probabaility Worksheets

How to Calculate the Probability of an Event - When we find the probability of an event, we are figuring out the chances of occurrence of an event. Probability is the likelihood of one or more event divided by the total number of outcomes. The easiest way to calculate the probability of multiple events is by simplifying the problem in different probabilities and multiplying the separate likelihood together. We can calculate probabilities in different ways: First, if you have to find out the probability of an event, you need to know the likelihood of an event. You need to know whether the event can take place or not. Moreover, the event and its opposite cannot take place at the same time. Next, figure out all the possible events and their possible likelihoods. For example, if we have to find out the possibility of rolling a 4 on a die. We know the rolling a die can give us 6 events. So, the total possible events are 6, and the outcome is only one that is rolling a 4. Then, we divide the probability of the event in consideration and divide it by the total number of outcomes. In the example mentioned above, we will divide 1 by 6. Finally, we will add up all the possible events. Note that the sum of the likely events needs to be equal to one.

Math Laughs

Three statisticians are on a hunting trip and they finally spot their prey. The first one shoots, missing wide left. The second one fires and misses, too, firing wide right. The third guy gets excited and says, "We got it!"