Are These Proportional Worksheets

How to Determine if Two Ratios Are Proportional? The ratio is mathematics is a quantitative relationship between two categories. It is an expression that compares to quantities of the same unit. When solving ratios, proportionality is an important concept. Proportional ratios are those that represent the same relationship. Determining two ratios is simple and is not at all difficult. To determine if two ratios are proportional, you need to simplify the ratios and bring them in their simplest fraction form. If, after simplification, these ratios are the same, then the ratios are said to be proportional. Another method is through cross-multiplication. Cross-multiplication is multiplying the numerator of one ratio to the denominator or the other ratio and the denominator of the first ratio to the numerator of the other ratio.

How Do We Do It?

The rule of three is a technique based on proportionality: Multiply the first and second terms together, divide the product by the third; the quotient will bear such proportion to the second as the first does to the third.