Equivalent Proportions Worksheets

What Are Equivalent Proportions? Before we understand what, equivalent proportions are, we need to understand what proportions are. It is a quantitative relationship of a category and the total and is an equation. When developing the concept of proportions, you will come across the term 'equivalent proportions.' What are the equivalent proportions? Finding equivalent proportions is simple and not something that would stress you out. To find equivalent proportions, you can use the method of cross-multiplication. Cross-multiplication is to multiply the denominator of the first ratio to the numerator of the second ratio and numerator of the first ratio to the denominator of the second ratio. When the products on both sides are equal, it is said to be an equivalent proportion.

What Is It?

A ratio is a way of comparing quantities. It is a numerical way of saying "for every so many of these, there are so many of those." Ratios are written as fractions, with a colon or with words. Ratios should be expressed in lowest terms.