Follow Directions With Shapes Worksheets

Learning to Draw Geometric Shapes - Geometric shapes can be defined as a figure or area closed by a boundary that is created by combining the specific amount curves, lines, and points. A geometric shape is geometric information that remains when location, scale, orientation, and reflection are removed from the description of a geometric object. Materials: Compass, Ruler, Paper, Pencil. Instructions: Follow these instructions to draw geometric shapes: Open your compass to the desired radius. Put one end at the other end of the ruler and open it until the other end is at the point that corresponds to the radius of the circle you want to draw. Put the spike, metal tip of the compass, in the middle of the paper. Make sure that the distance to the nearest side is greater than the distance from the compass. Rest the pencil lightly on the paper while keeping the spike in place. Try not to push the pencil too hard, trace a circle around the spike.

What's the Point?

Bumper stickers in the math parking lot:

"Without geometry, life is pointless!"