Which Shape Doesn't Belong Worksheets

How Do You Determine Shapes That Do Not Belong to a Group - When we were little, we had a very simple definition of the various terms. We thought that if someone is tall to look at, the person was tall if someone looked fat, we assumed that they would be heavy, if we saw a bird, we thought that it is light. Similarly, we thought that the elephant is big, and the ant is small. All of this is totally true! But as we grew older, we realized that these definitions could not be applied in every platform. Just like that, in math, when we are studying shapes, we are given various shapes, and it gets difficult to identify which shape is similar and which is not. But the idea is pretty simple, really! All you have to do is look at the shapes very carefully. Start by making groups of the shapes that look similar. Once you place the shapes that are similar in a group, it becomes relatively easy to guess which doesn’t belong in the group. For example, in a group of triangles, a circle doesn’t belong. In a group of squares, a rectangle does not belong!

What's the Point?

There is no logical foundation of mathematics, and Godel has proven it!